An Artistic History

Michael Willis events is the culmination of an almost two decade long career in the entertainment industry. A professional theatrical designer by the age of 15, Michael has trained in almost every aspect of his métier bringing his clients ideas to fruition on a consistent basis.

Through his artistic flare with the visual aesthetics of events, Michael can transform any location into a work of art. His attention to detail will ensure that every moment of your event is executed to perfection, and that all of the minute details are taken care of.

...Our goal is to move all of the pieces together in a way that not only allows our clients to enjoy their event, but also to find joy in the creative process during the formational phases.

Untraditional Weddings
Unbelievable Events

Not Just a Designer

Michael Willis is a career Event Designer, Coordinator, Entertainer, and Entrepreneur who has founded multiple industry leading companies under one common goal:

“To connect passionate artists, with creative clients, to create spectacular, and memorable events.”

Learn more about our carefully curated team of event professionals below.

  • We started to find that guests from our weddings in Pittsburgh were attending events in their home towns across the country. The events paled in their comparison to the events Modern Era was producing at the time, so we began the expansion to help bring out quality of events to other markets across the country.

Michael Willis

“ Unique, Personalized, and Awe inspiring. These are the words I want associated with my events, I want to work with creative couples who want to try something off the beaten path. Our business primarily revolves around the energy and memories we create at our events. In order to transport them to an unfringed place of happiness, we must make sure that every atmosphere we create is perfect in every facet.”

If you are looking to make your Wedding, Corporate event, House Party, or other event an experience your friends and family will talk about for years contact Michael today.

Now that you've met the team, let's get to work.


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(813) 922-8646

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