Corporate and training events that leave a lasting impression

Setting the atmosphere for various types of events, while ensuring we set forth your brands ideals, and image is the driving factor to our corporate events department.  We want to understand the purpose of the event, and hold true to the goals your brand is trying to accomplish through the planning process.


Our creative event planning is all inclusive for corporate training sessions, large scale fundraisers, anniversary parties. We will help you to find and link all of the pieces together to create a synergetic environment between the vendors.


From small meeting planning to corporate retreats, we can help to lead your employees through an event dynamic that is not only enjoyable but delivers the message and focal points that are necessary for the type of event.

  • Full scale catering, event space acquisition, and vendor referral network
  • Performers who will thrill and entertain your guests
  • Custom itinerary and logistics coordination
  • One on One consultations with your company
  • Bespoke marketing, press, and branding available for events
  • Proven track record in producing a variety of corporate event types

Corporate event service features

Below you will find a few of the services that we can provide at your next corporate function. This is by no means a complete list, and we are constantly pushing the creative envelope to determine how we can make these events even more spectacular for your guests, potential clients, and employees.

  • Ability to book national speakers, authors, and business executives
  • Performers ranging from Actors with a corporate event background to musical and visual entertainment
  • Full range of audio, video, and lighting production
  • Vendor Acquisition
  • Venue and location scouting
  • Custom menu creation
  • Knowledge of various corporate event types/structures
  • Convention display/booth design, production, and staffing
  • Awards and recognition design, and production
  • Corporate marketing and branding packages


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(410) 474-0968


(813) 922-8646

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