Our heart belongs to weddings.

Since we designed our first wedding we were blown away. Being able to provide someone with the canvas on which they can express their love in front of all of the people closest to them on this earth. There is nothing more exhilarating for us than being given the honor of helping someones dream day come to fruition. Our weddings are unique and memorable, they are as beautiful as they are creative, and we work to ensure this.

Our Wedding clients become family. When you produce an event that you know people will remember specific moments from for the rest of their lives, it ads a level of gravitas to the entire circumstance that keeps our passion for this event type ignited and fervent.


Michael Willis has been a driving force in the nightlife marketing and entertainment sector for the past 12 years. His adept knowledge of industry innovations, and eye for creative concepts have helped over two dozen nightlife establishments flourish in their respective markets.

Working as a Marketing Director, Michael has shown a keen ability to help grow brands footprints, whether is is a small sports lounge, or a national chain restaurant. Combining new and exciting ideas, proven methods of execution his consulting has become a welcome commodity in markets across the US.


Whether it is an appreciation dinner, a convention, or a anniversary party, Michael Willis events will have your employees and clients enjoying the atmosphere of your next corporate gathering.

With extensive knowledge of the technology used in large scale event production, Michael can handle your lighting, sound, video, entertainment and logistical needs with ease. Providing the planning information every step of the way to the managing department. This allows us to stay in contact with the needs and structure of the event, in a relaxed and efficient manner, taking less work out of your employees hands.

We strive to work closely with our corporate clients to ensure their brand is represented in in a way that is inline with, and highlighting their companies values.


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(813) 922-8646

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