Wedding Services

Our goal is to help you find all of the items and services needed to help you create an amazing day.

Read more about our wedding related services below, and we believe you will find that while we can not only take a lot of the stress out of planning your event, we can also help make it unique, personalized, and memorable for yourself and your guests.

Customized Event Design

Venue Scouting & Selection

Vendor Acquisition

Entertainment Booking

Custom Meal & Beverage Menus

Logistics Coordination

Travel Planning & Booking

Attire & Themed Events

Our Wedding Services Explained:

    • Creative and unique Lighting, Floral, and Event Design
    • Venue Scouting and selection, for ceremony, reception, and other related events (showers, rehearsals).
    • Travel Planning for destination weddings, honeymoons, family travel, bachelor/bachelorette parties.
    • Entertainment booking, from small local acts, to nationally touring bands, and artists.
    • Custom meal and beverage menus created by your favorite chefs(with our assistance), or one of our executive chefs.
    • Beverage menu, crafted by our mixologists. We also offer liquor order assistance, and beverage menu creation
    • Logistics coordination. We will help get everyone where they need to be, when they need to be there, no matter what! We have a particular set of skills and we aren’t afraid to use them…
    • Vendor acquisition, We have worked with some of the most talented artists in this industry from all reaches of the globe. I have no doubt we can find the perfect vendors for your wedding no matter how precise your vision is.
  • Attire and Theme events, We can help make the special day, and those surrounding it POP, we will help find you the perfect dress, stylist, makeup artist, or tux, that will have your crew looking glamorous on the big day.
  • Michael did a phenomenal job! The personalized monogram and uplighting throughout our venue we're perfect for the space and exactly what we wanted. Mike Willis met with us beforehand to make sure our vision really came to fruition - and then executed it flawlessly!
    Christina, Bride

Aesthetically Perfect

We provide as much or as little input in your special day as possible. Of course to uphold our standards of quality we prefer when we share the creative control over the event as a whole, but we understand this is not alway feasible, or not always our couples vision.

If you would like a personalized quote for any of the services we have outlined above. Or have any ideas or questions we would be more than happy to answer them for you.

  • Concierge level service (Twenty Four Seven phone calls or texting)
  • Same week quotes for a majority of services
  • Unparalleled customer service to ensure all your needs are met

A backyard ceremony for the ages

One of my personal favorite weddings was an untraditional Indian wedding I had the distinct pleasure of Producing in the Pittsburgh area. My couple, nationally touring actors from New York, had just bought a small cottage in a historic neighborhood over looking the city, they said it was “Love at First Sight”.

Their main goal was bring all the most important and influential people in their lives together for a ceremony that took place at their new house, where they would be raising their family, and have all the guests surrounding them with love.

After some deliberation, engineering drawings, and a few days with hammers and wood, my groom had built his masterpiece. A craftsmen ceremony platform over the quaint and gorgeous converted sitting room  in the back yard. The guests watched from the couples carefully cultivated garden as the bride and her mother weaved through them on the path to her love.

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the entire localized area as neighbors gathered on their front porches to watch and share in the love from afar, and I doubt anyone who was present that day will ever forget the beauty of it.

A True Miami bride infuses her wedding with culture and fun!

I knew as soon as I got on the phone with Melissa that we were beginning a process that would change the way I envisioned events. A Miami based bride throwing a destination wedding in which she wanted spectacular events that were unheard of in that geographic area. As she sent me her notes and we began the design process we carefully watched as a truly epic and one of a kind event experience began to unfold before our eyes.

White Manzanita trees glistening with clear jewels, candle votives, and other decor. Astonishing linens that made every table feel like it was at an extravagant gala. Finally, a circus troupe who “crashed” the wedding for a traditional latin “Hora Loca” or “Crazy Hour”. As the glow wands waved through the air to the beat of live drummers, and 9 ft tall stilt walkers juggled and dance to the bemusement of the guests I looked at Melissa’s face. As we made eye contact we both knew that her “crazy dream” as she called it had come to life, and that we had throw an amazing party that guests still rave about to both her and I to this day.

Greg and Catherine's Steel Mill Sangeet

If there was any time that I have almost been stumped in my line of work, the abandoned Steel Mill Sangeet comes close to the top of the list.

A Sangeet is an event that takes place as an event during a traditional Indian wedding. The purpose of the Sangeet is for both families to come together to share stories, dances, songs, and performances about their family history, and the history of the bride and groom. It is a beautiful tradition that allows each family to show off for the other, and breaks down the wall of devision as they become one over the wedding weekend.

An abandoned Steel Mill with little electricity, and even less amenities is what I would call a lot to handle. Its urban rustic atmosphere, graffiti, large open outdoor spaces, sculpture garden, and of course the old decaying guts of an industry long fled created the most ideal backdrop for Greg and Catherine’s untraditional Sangeet.

If you read “Love at First Sight” above then you know a bit about this couple. They were both touring actors based out of New York, who had decided to settle in Pittsburgh, and their wedding was the perfect way for them to show their family not only their new living quarters, but also a city seeped with history, and gorgeous architecture. It also meant that this would be one hell of a Sangeet, because all of their friends were incredibly talented.

We decided we would start the Sangeet performances within the two hundred diameter circle around which we lined the tables for the meal (served by a local master in Indian cuisine), this meant that we would have to not only light this two hundred area so all the guests could see the performances, but we would also have to light is from three hundred and sixty degrees, so everyone in the round could have a perfect view. Our next obstacle was sound. We had already used a majority of the power we were allotted for the thirsty draw of the lighting system, now we had to surround this area with speakers so we could not only provide a clearly audible event, but also have enough boom for the DJ’d dance party afterwards.

The performances included a song dance break by the grooms mother, giant flying puppets, 15ft tall New York sky scrapper costumes, and a 12 ft diameter red rubber ball.

My client’s visions had come to life, as they sat at the bonfire, and sang tunes while instrumentalists played along in harmony, we watched the smoke rise up through the massive silhouette of the remains of a bygone Pittsburgh industry everyone knew that this would be a moment that would stick with them, and that the love and pure creativity and happiness they felt that day was something noteworthy, and something they would fondly remember.

A chic wedding with personalized touches

The opportunity to turn a theatrical space into a customized setting for an event has to be one of the most exhilarating. Knowing the creative forces that have inhabited the venue before you and living up the the standards of excellence is an excellent motivator to provide the elegant and outstanding.

A gorgeous modern exposed brick room with a second level mezzanine, provided the ideal structural setting for hanging Edison bulb lighting, and giant modern paper lanterns that were inline with this couples vision. We also were able to personalize the space even further with a custom monogram light that shown on the center of the dance floor, and made the event feel like it was an intimate setting for this couples love.

As they danced for the first time as Husband and Wife, tufts of low lying white fog wafted at their feet and whisked to their moves as they swayed and spun around the dance floor, and the couple knew that this was the moment that had dreamed for their guests to see. This was the memory that would stick with them until the end of time.


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